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About Us


At Blossomed, we believe in the intrinsic value of beauty, creativity, and all things that make you smile. A rose never asks, “What is my purpose?” It just grows, and by being itself offers an experience of delight to anyone who stops to take it in.

Flowers bring the outdoors in. They transform an apartment from a separate enclave into a place where nature continues to bloom. They remind us that life is constantly growing, ever-changing, and beautiful in its impermanence. Even for us city dwellers, accustomed to the sharp angles of concrete and glass, our wild hearts miss the open spaces and spiraling curves of nature’s patterns. Blossomed is a way to remind us of that freedom.


Meet the Founder


For me, the practice of arranging flowers is a way of communing with nature. Witnessing the unfolding of petals in wondrous geometry speaks to something deep in me, and I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the tangible interaction weaving colors and textures into a sculptural masterpiece.

At Blossomed, we believe that what’s good for nature is good for people. The flowers in every box come from our local partners. While conventional florists source primarily from overseas farms that heavily spray chemicals and prioritize cut-life and uniformity, the farmers we partner with breed for delicacy, uniqueness, and scent. A flower is special because of its ephemeral nature, not in spite of it, and beauty is found in the natural diversity of forms.

I want to make it really easy to have fresh flowers in your home, and for everyone who uses Blossomed to feel how powerfully creative they are! As you create your arrangement, take inspiration from our tutorials, but let your own expression guide you. We know that your inspiration is as unique as our flowers, and we can’t wait to see what you create. 

Thanks for checking out Blossomed!

Katie LaFleur


p.s. I think you're amazing!


Katie LaFleur Blossomed