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Where do you currently deliver?

We currently deliver around most Manhattan and Brooklyn zip codes. If we do not yet deliver to your area, send us an email to let us know where you would like us to be next!

Why do you only deliver on Wednesdays?

We deliver on Wednesdays so that you will have the time to create your beautiful arrangement and will be around to enjoy it! We work directly with farms and they cut your flowers right before delivering them to you, so we work around their cutting schedules. Also, for our sanity.

I am going out of town, can I pause my delivery?

Of course! To pause delivery, login to your account and click "skip a payment" by 9PM on Wednesday, one week prior to your delivery.  If you are doing this on a mobile device, where it says " Elegance || The Perfect Bouquet" under "Your Subscriptions" place your finger on "Name" and scroll to the right to see all of your options. 

When is the cutoff for me to pause or cancel my next delivery?

Since we have to order the flowers from the farmers a week before, all pause or cancel requests must be made by 9PM Wednesday night, one week prior to your delivery. Login to your account, and click the billing tab to cancel your subscription or to skip this payment.

How much is shipping?

Delivery is free in Manhattan and Brooklyn. To ensure our flowers are the freshest, we do not currently deliver outside of our free delivery area. 

Do the deliveries come with a vase?

In order for us to keep costs down and in order for us to focus on the quality of our flowers vases are not included. 

There are a few tools that you will need for each delivery that are not provided:

  • A vase 
  • Pruning shears or sharp scissors 

Is it normal for my flowers to look sleepy at first?

This is completely normal. Just fill a vase with water, add the flower food, and trim off the ends of the stems--your flowers will be perking up soon. This can sometimes take up to 24 hours; and remember, flowers love clean water, so be sure to change the water every day.

How can I care for my flowers? 

As soon as you receive your box, fill up a vase with fresh, cool water, and add the flower food to it. Then take your pruning shears and trim 1 inch off of the stems at a 45 degree angle. Try to change their water every day to keep bacteria from growing and wilting flowers faster. 

Some of the flowers were closed when they arrived. Why is this?

We try to ship the freshest flowers directly after being cut, right from the farm. This means that you may receive some blooms before they have opened up. Cut an inch off the stem, put them in water, and watch them blossom. 

I would love create a team building project with Blossomed at our office. Can we set this up?

We love parties! Contact to set up a corporate account and bring Blossomed to your office. 

I want to give a Blossomed subscription as a gift. Is that possible? 

You sound wonderful! It is easy to send Blossomed as a gift, simply check "Is this a gift" during checkout, and click the numbers of deliveries you would like to gift.  


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